we take care of your online appearance

These days, to be highly visible on the internet, you must have a strong foot print on all the web. 

We’ll create or redesign your website, in accordance with your needs and up to the highest and latest web trends.

Once we’ve finished designing your website, we’ll start adding it on all the search engines on the web, in order to be visible on all of them. The process might take some time, but, in the end, the results will be according to your business’ needs.

We can also take care of your business Social Media accounts, in order to be aligned to the website and other media channels, with the same colour scheme, information and products.

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websites and web design London

Our London based web design agency will take care of all the steps needed for a strong presence online. The website is the central piece of your online advertising campaign so it has to be the best.

professional-looking website with a very small loading time can make the difference for the visitors, generating customer acquisition and contracts, and thus, increase profits. We know the secrets for visual and technical aspects and we are experts in making premium web sites showcasing the activity, products or services.

We will design the website according to your needs and we will make sure it is well optimised for every search engine. We use different tools from direct HTML encoding to Content Management Systems like WordPress or Drupal to achieve the best results.

social media management

The social media channels tend to get closer and closer to us and we have to be updated with the latest trends in order to be visible enough on the web. Our experienced team will work hard to create the best image for you on all the social media platforms available and we will continue to administer your business social media accounts with posts, ads and any other services on your behalf.

We will analyse your business and establish which social media platforms suits your business best. After that, we will construct or update the pages needed on each platform so that they will be up to the current updates and trends.  Once we will finish editing and updating your image on social media we will start publishing agreed posts on your behalf, managing likes and ads so that your business can thrive on the world wide web.

search engine optimisation

Whether you have a new business online, whether you already have a few years experience, there are certainly a lot of things you haven’t discovered yet. Things that can help your business grow and become more than a result in Google. That‘s why our team is ready to share a lot of secrets that can differentiatbetween a routine business and a successful one.

A good SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) will cover all the basics your website will have to achieve in order to be visible on the internet, tending to the first places on the search engines.

For a good SEO campaign we will have to start with creating a “Battle plan” in which we will define exactly what we want to achieve ( we will have to define a few keywords for which the website will be optimized ) . 

Once we know what keywords we want to promote for the search engine we will start optimising your website by making sure everything is where it is supposed to be and has all the necessary requirements  ( for example all images must have a header and a description, all linking to your image identity , the same for all the pages, blog posts and every appearance on the web , all the images must be optimised for fast loading and for the best view an all sorts of media  ) 

domains and hosting

There are set of must haves related to the website. You will need a domain name ( .com , .co.uk , etc. ) which is attached to a hosting domain ( the physical space on a server where the files of the website are hosted ) and, of course, an e-mail address in the format name@website.com . We can take care of all of these, and any other needs you might need on the go.

Please call us at 07535 286 892 for more details or use other forms to contacts us here.