your advertising agency in London

Oxygen Media is your advertising agency. We aim to satisfy every customer and to give you the best possible experience in the complicated field of good advertising. 

We’ll be there, from the beginning.

From the moment we start targeting potential customers, to the creation of the advertising strategies and the actual production of all the advertising materials, we’ll be there. Our team of professionals, specialised in different fields, will be with you all along, making sure you get the best revenue out of the advertising campaign.

The advertising process

We’re all great professionals in different fields related to advertising:

  • marketing & PR
  • graphic design
  • web development
  • advertising production

Why us?

Because you want the best. 

  • we work fast
  • we get results 
  • we offer full service
  • we’re reliable


Because we all need it. Because without, we sell less.
In the markets we’re all competing, more than half of the price is obtained through good advertising.

We’re here to help you grow your business and customer capital. Our experienced team is always ready for a new challenge and the results will speak for themselves. We’ll help your business by using different advertising tools and by creating an integrated advertising campaign, starting from the web appearance and finishing with printed brochures.


The first thing we do is to understand your business and the products and services you would like to promote.

Concept & Design

Once we know what we have to do, we'll start working on the design, concept and schematics.


Now we start the production, whether we have to create a website, thousands of leaflets or vehicle branding.

The advertising process

Oxygen Media advertising team

Raul Bodea - manager Oxygen Media

I created this company about 15 years ago, in Romania. The passing of time and the multitude of challenges I had to face made me understand every aspect of the advertising business. I am always ready for the next  provocation!

Raul Bodea | managing director

I’m happy to be in the team. Mechanical engineer by formation, I’m supervising every production project. It’s my job to make sure everything that gets produced in our workshop is perfect. 

Vlad Irimiea | production

After a long career in advertising back home, I decided to move with my family in the UK. I want to give my best on the market. Social media addict!

Diana Bodea | marketing & PR

A market is a market. Anywhere in the world. We’re here to sell your product or to make it the most visible!

Sorin Hanc | marketing & PR